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Hello my name is Tyler Alford. This is my story about having Type 1 Diabetes.

It was during Christmas winter break. I had not been feeling well for a couple weeks. Thinking I had a cold or flu my mom and dad had been keeping an eye on me. I knew I wasn't feeling very well but did not know why.

One day My dad took me and my siblings to the park to play and ride our skateboards. Something I love to do as I ride unicycles, skate boards, and a lot of gymnastic type activities. My dad noticed I was not wanting to play, or be active as I normally am. Drinking water like a fire hydrant and running to the bath room every 15 minutes. My dad began having real concerns.

My dad had been diagnosed the previous year with Type 2 Diabetes and was working to gain control of his diabetes by losing weight and managing his diet. Because of his battle with Type2 Diabetes he seen the symptoms I was having were the same he was having the year before

My mom was at work at this time and unable to take phones calls. Dad took us home and immediately jumped on the computer and began researching my symptoms. This is when he realized I had all the symptoms of a diabetic.

In a panic, he called my pediatrician who was not open due to it being a weekend, and was waiting for a return call from the on-call nurse. in the meantime, as we wait for a call back from the nurse, my dad was able to contact my mom and give the news. Still no call back from the on-call nurse at the doctor’s office, my mom came home and began reading and researching as well.

As the evening and the night progressed my condition became worse and I was beginning to crash. I was falling into a diabetic coma.at the time we lived several miles away from any direct help, in the middle of the desert, so my mom rushed me to the nearest hospital emergency room. At this time, my condition had gotten so bad I could not walk and my mother had to carry me into the ER. I was in and out of consciousness.

Immediately they tested my glucose or sugar levels and found that my blood sugar levels were reading over 1000! Normal blood sugar levels for a person without diabetes is 70–99 mg/dl (3.9–5.5 mmol/L)

I spent 6 days at Phoenix Children's Hospital PCH as they diagnosed me and we began my journey as a T1 diabetic.

It has been a journey, with the endless blood testing, poking my fingers 7-12 times a day, taking shots in my shoulder, stomach, thighs etc. Counting every single carb I eat and making sure we calculate it so I am taking the proper amount of insulin. After nearly 3 years of taking regular shots I have finally graduated to an insulin pump! Thank you for reading about my diabetes. Please help and support our cause and check us out at www.hikingforacure.com

Tyler Alford (aka trail name: skittles)