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Do you plan on joining us on the PCT? If your answer is yes, let us welcome you. Whether your hiking with us for a afternoon, day, weekend or maybe longer we welcome your support and company. Please fill out the quick box below and in the comment section tell us which state you live in, California, Oregon, or Washington, how far away you are from the PCT and where you intend to join us. We would also like to know if you are Type1 or Type2 diabetic or maybe a loved one(s) you may be hiking for. See you on the trail!

Click on the PCT logo below to learn about permits needed if any, and information about what sections you are interested in hiking. Once you  know the sections, it will be easier for you to determin when we will be in your area. Not all sections require a permit. All permits are free.

Email us with any questions you have and we hope to see you on the trail!